Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm not crazy.  I am not psychotic.  I am not dangerous.

I am just sad.  And lonely.  And miserable.  A lot.

And lonely.  Very, very lonely.  Very.

I'm so tired.

I feel subhuman.  Worthless.  Unattached to anything.

And most of all lonely.


  1. Are there any support groups in your area?

    Online support is good, but having people to talk to and get a hug from in real life may be even better.

  2. Rachel, you will be sorely missed. I hope that your neshama is at peace in shomayim with Gabbi.

  3. Rachel I was heartbroken to hear the news of your passing today. You were a kind generous woman, with a a heart of gold. I hope you are at peace now..

  4. Writing a note of support to the people you leave behind.