Monday, July 11, 2011

Today I had a visitor.
The Sad had come to stay.
to remind me of the pain inside 
Here's what he had to say.

How could you think of going
to the beach and having fun?
Don't you know your daughter's rotting
that she'll never see the sun?

Can't you feel the giant emptiness
that hole inside your chest?
Don't forget that you are different?
You can't have fun like all the rest.

I lay on my bed thinking.
"But it's chofesh Hagadol"
How can I tell my Channah
That she can't have fun at all?

And so I told my visitor
it was time for him to go
I then reframed my thinking
and got my stuff ready to go.

But on the way out my front door
I saw him sitting there
The Sad stared at me accusingly 
and said "you just don't care".

And then I almost lost it
the strength that I had won
I held my head up high and said
There are things to be done

Although I miss my Gaby
and I know I always will
My Channah Rifka needs me
She's is a child still

I kicked The Sad out to the curb
The KO shot was mine
And so we went out to the beach
and had a grand old time

Of course I miss my Gaby
The Sad will always come
but I need to go on living life
I need to still have fun

For my husband and my child
I must keep marching on
I kicked The Sad out to the curb
For this morning I had won.


  1. Very moving poem, well done Rachel!

  2. Today I had a visitor, Life had stopped on by,
    it's not what I expected, but...oh...did I fly...

    Life is often described as a journey, only without the map. That may be true, but sharing your journey can help give others direction, can help them find their own wings...and soar...