Sunday, September 25, 2011

Holy Crow.  I knew I preferred to write over speak, but I did not realize how much I wrote.  I just tried one of those "print your blog" sites out of curiosity.  139 pages over the last 7 months!  Assuming 500 words per page  that works out to 69,500 words sprawled out of my head in random thoughts over 7 months.  That is a bloody novel   Imagine if I actually used my brain for something productive.


  1. I think it was very productive. I know you're in a really low place right now, but you've also had better times, and I would not be surprised if those were at least in part facilitated by organizing your thoughts here. Plus, even if this is not your primary goal, your blog is very helpful in teaching others how one might support a grieving person. And as your previous blog suggested, some people sorely need that education.

  2. Rachel, I hope you are okay. It's been a while since you have posted