Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This "breast cancer awareness" meme going around face book "I'm __ weeks and craving ___ ." Is driving me insane.  As someone who has had both a breast cancer scare and who has dealt with stillbirth and infertility I can promise you that one did not make me more aware of the other.  Who the heck comes up with these things.  I am not sure who came up with this bright idea, but seeing half the woman on my friend's list posting about being pregnant when I would kill for it is just about more than I can handle.


  1. It's simple "Slactivism". Posting up this silly stuff is meant to show off to your friends list that you "care". If someone cares so much, why not do the Avon 3 day?? or if you are a lousy fundraiser (like me)volunteer at a hydration point? I don't see how these silly little chain memes help anyone. I remember a particularly fizzy bit of glurge where you had to post the color of your bra. I think that was 2 years ago? I like the parody "please repost this if you know someone who needs a boot up the !@#".

    By the way, the name is Ariella, nice to meet you. I only recently got into Dr. Who myself, the first ep I saw being the last one of last season with that awful woman with the eyepatch who reminded me of Dolores Umbridge and those melting flesh people. The end of that episode quickly went from Dr. Who to Dr. WTF.

    I wrote about your blog on mine. You rule!

  2. The weeks and craving thing was about birth dates and birth months.