Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am finally starting to put myself back together- gluing together the fragmented pieces of the outer shell that used to be Rachel. The problem is that the inner spark, the piece of my soul that made me who I was is sputttering and does not want to light. I am in desperate need of a spiritual recharge and have absolutely no idea where to turn. I suppose if I were of a different sort of sect I would be looking for a mashbia or some such thing, but I'm not and I don't have one.

I feel like the bulb is slowly coming back together, but the filament is burned out.

Please DO NOT just send me divrei Torah as no matter how wonderful they are I can pretty much promise they will not get read. I need a real live person, or place or some other proper noun I can turn to for advice and recharging. 

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  1. How about Binyan Shalem? It is pretty inspiring and full of women learning together. Subjects range from shalom bayit to emunah and everything in between. Amazing teachers. The only catch is it is in Hebrew. They have three day conference in July.