Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tonight Channah and I had a date to go watch Jason play softball.  It was a real treat since the game started half an hour after her bedtime.  I packed up lots of stuff to do for when she got bored (I figured the game would keep her occupied for maybe 5 minutes.  I think I overestimated), some snacks and we headed off.

We were in the middle of a huge open field.  No lights but the ones on the diamond.  We could see the lunar eclipse perfectly with no interference from nearby light sources.  We got to make the bracha ose maaseh bereshit  together while we watch the moon completely disappear from view.

And you know what?  I made the bracha without any resentment towards God that if he could create such amazing things why couldn't he have let Gabbi live.  It is a hard time, we have a number of friends due any day, but I was able to see the amazing feat of nature for what it was- an amazing feat of nature.

One small step for me, one giant leap for my recovery.


  1. Thank you. It was a real treat to have you there for my best game of the season.

  2. Rachel - that is GREAT! Tiny at a time.