Friday, April 29, 2011

Anyone who knits or crochet's or even just sews knows about that big knotted ball of colourful thread that you keep hanging on to because it has some pretty useful pieces in it if only you had the time to untangle them. It moves from drawer to closet. Closet to garage. Garage to craft stash. Until eventually you decide that today is the day you are going to try to unravel it. You sit down in your favourite and most comfortable chair, put something good on tv and set to work. You slowly free one colour. Than another. Some are tangled so tightly you take sizzors to the ends. Eventualy you are left with a lot of long kinked threads, and a much smaller ball of tangled string that you just give up on and throw out.

To me my brain right now is like that ball of knotted yarn. This blog allows me to take one piece at a time and slowly unravel it from the rest until I have a complete thought- written out in a format that I can make sense of. I can then set that particular thought aside and either finish with it for good or decide to come back and reexamine it later.

I need to make sense of everything going through my head right now or it just might explode. If this is the way that lets me do it best, that lets me take one thought and unravel it to it's conclusion, than why should a try finding a way that does not work for me as well?

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