Monday, April 18, 2011

Does anyone ever give  any thghout to the average Moe Mitzri?  Caught in a battle between a king he can't control and a God dhe has never heard of.  All he wants is to go on living his life, feeding his faamily, maybe having some some fun with a mistress or a good cup of beer on the side?  Maybe he is a painter or a scribe or a sculpture.  Maybe he is a cook or a butler to a wealthy merchant.  Heck maybe he is an unemployed bum who lives on the streets living on the generosity of the Jews for which they have always been known. 

Yet he is the one with no water to drink, frogs in his bed, no crops to eat and in the end no first born son to take over as head of his household.  He is the one caught between two worlds not of his own making stuck in a darkness so profound he can not even move let alone protect his loved ones or valuabless.

Who stands up for him and declares "This is not right!"  "This man has done nothing wrong and does not deserve to be punished like this".   No one.  No one does.  And why?  Because he is on the losing team.  No one has time to look out for him becaause they are all out trying to save their own hides.

And so Moe Mitzri dies alone.  Devestated and childless.  Perhaps beneath the waves of Yam Suf, perhaps out of desolation and heartbreak when he realizes he has nothing left for which to live.  

Someone should give a thought to that man caught in a battle between a king over whom he has no control and God that he doees not know exists.  Who is to say which side he would choose were he given an honest, face to face choice.

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