Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yesterday was awful. I cried for 10 hours pretty much solid. Neither hugs nor drugs did the slightest bit to calm me. It was supposed to be the day I came off best rest and "safe" to go into labour. Today I feel seriously hung over (No I have not drunk a thing)- am a f!@#$ niddah again so am probably anemic (from the TMI files this is the worst bleeding I have ever had- if it stays this bad too much longer I will make a doctor's appointment).

I am probably dehydrated (having nothing but a cup of water since yesterday at lunch) but did manage to force down 1/2 a cup of life cereal with a drop of milk this morning. I am currently so pale I make casper look like cosby and my eyes feel like someone attacked them with sandpaper.

I feel like i have not slept in a month.

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