Sunday, May 1, 2011

Due to a post here from late last week I have managed to let go of a grudge I have carried for more than 15 years.  I heard back today that the other person did not even know I was upset (not sure how they missed it, but not going to worry about that).  Clearing the air on a grudge that has become such a part of who I grew up to be as an adult is strange- it is like I don't know what to do with that little part of my head/heart/soul that was always filled with those smoking embers of hate.  I feel like a rubber band that has been pulled tight around my  neck for years has finally been loosened and the feeling of relief is unbelievable.

I am hoping that repairing that little part of my soul will act almost as a skin graft and become a point from which the rest of my soul can begin to heal.  I hope that freeing up the energy that maintaining that grudge took means that it can now be put towards healing the pains in my heart and soul.  I am also hoping that by trying to bring more shalom  and shalva into my life God will see I am ready to receive the gifts that only he has to offer.

To anyone reading  this, if I have hurt you in any way I am sorry, and if you have hurt me I am truly and honestly trying to let it go.  I do not want to waste energy or effort on grudges that go nowhere and do nothing.  My God send you only revealed brachot in the future.

As always, please keep wishing, hoping or praying for a healthy, full term pregnancy followed by a healthy, full term baby.

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