Monday, May 16, 2011

So since the pregnancy I have continued to lose weight even though I seem to be subsisting on chocolate.  For mental reasons I have pretty much refused to wear anything that I wore while I was pregnant. One skirt has passed the drill so to speak as it is the most comfortable piece of clothing that I own, but nothing else I wore while pregnant with Gabbi will even be taken into consideration.

So the problem is that I have no clothing to wear.  My skirts are all too big.  Much much too big.  Like falling off big.  Most of my lightweight shirts have now become so low cut that they are unwearable.  So I got myself 2 new skirts and 6 tank tops with highish necklines that I can wear under things.  Yes yes I know it is sefira, but the truth is that with no dryer I am running out of options.

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