Monday, May 9, 2011

Today was mother's day and although it was difficult I managed to get through it and even enjoyed getting my card from Channah and a new Donald Duck mug from Jason.  We decided that as it was also Yom Hazikaron (remembrance day) we would head in to the old city for the tekes at the kotel.  I will write that up on our aliya blog tomorrow at moving on up with pictures and video and what not.  In any case, that is not the point of this post.

Tonight was a huge milestone for me.  I davened at the kotel and said tehillim without crying.  Channah and I said a few pirkei tehillim followed by tefillat Channah followed by asking Hashem outright for a full and healthy pregnancy.  A sister or brother for Channah to play with and to whom she could teach her wonderful middot.  We asked him to please look after some of our relatives who are not doing so well, and some who are and we would like to stay that way.  We asked him to please make sure our Gabbi was happy and had all the love and attention up there we would have given her down here.  We finished with me asking Hashem to please allow me to continue raising my Channah to a life of Torah, Chuppah and maasim tovim, and that she should continue to grow into a beautiful bat melech and bat torah.

We then shared a piece of paper and wrote a petek asking for a full and healthy pregnancy and she schooched between the people to sneak it into a crack in the wall.


  1. For weeks I have been worrying about how to get through Mother's Day. I am glad that we found a meaningful way to commemorate such an important day.

  2. It sounds like you made a very difficult day into something very meaningful for you and Channah.