Monday, May 16, 2011

I had a bit of a crying fit this morning.  I woke up and decided today was the day I cleaned out my closet.  Today was the day I got rid of all the stuff that is huge on me, put my winter stuff into a duffle bag in the storage area, and get control of all my t shirts and skirts.

I got about 5 minutes into it and started to cry.  A huge part of me was wondering if this was hormonal "nesting" setting in just a little (ok a lot) too late.  Jason reminded me I do it every year around now and periodically I just get sick of the messy closet and decide to do this sort of thing, but then, while I did stop crying and start working, a part of me was wondering if that was what nesting felt like.  This insane urge to clean and tidy something.  I have never actually been pregnant enough to get to know the feeling.

On the other hand as I am far from a clean freak in some ways that might be a good thing.  I just wonder if I will ever get the chance to want to need to clean uncontrollably (and for once in my life make my Bubbie proud of my housekeeping skills.

In the meantime, my closet looks fantastic.  I put all the maternity stuff away in a bag up high.  Hopefully I will need it again really soon- but I do not want it in my face all the time when I go to find something to wear.  It will sit there ready, please God, for it's next use.   Actually, there is a lot more of it than there was before this pregnancy even though I did not buy a thing.  My mom sent a few shirts, but other than that I just lost so much weight that Some of my regular clothing became maternity stuff.

Ah well.  Ce la vie.

As usual please keep davening for a healthy and full term pregnancy in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.


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  1. Just so you know...I never nested. I went on "get this crap out of here" binges...but I firmly believe I would have gone on those anyway, since I go on binges like that once every 6 months or so anyway when I just can't stand it anymore.