Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have I mentioned lately that Channah works better than any of the drugs I have been prescribed.  I don't know how she knows when I need it most, but even if she is asleep and I am crying silently in my room with the door closed there is a quiet knock on my door and she just comes in, crawls into bed with me and gives me the best 7 year old snuggles that have ever existed.

She is calming and tells me she loves me even when I am sad.   That no she would never want to trade me in for a happier eema.  That I am her most favouritist eema and she loves me.  She puts her little arms around my neck and just hugs me and lets me hug her back until I find my breathing slows back down and I am amble to relax.  I can just sit and tickle her arm or stroke her golden red hair and almost immediately I will start to feel better.

Last night, I had the worst night I have had in a while and she just came into bed with me and let me hold her until I felt better, then went right back to sleep.  I worry though that it is too much responsibility for suck little shoulders.  I am the one who is supposed to make her feel better- sometimes I feel like I forget who is the eema and who is the little girl.

The only problem is she knows it and can sometimes try to take major advantage of it.  When she has done something really wrong and she KNOWS she is going to be punished for it she just puts out those cute little arm and says "snug?" and how the heck am I supposed to punish her with that sweet little "I love you eema" look on her face?

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