Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just as an FYI to myself, the new medication does seem to be helping me and keeping me a lot more balanced.  It exhausts me, but I was told to expect that for the first few days.  Good thing we are picking up our new car tomorrow so  I can be a little more shleppy this week if need be.

Oh right, so, two pieces of good news.

1) We bought a good, solid, not to old used car.  It was less than we anticipated needing to spend and the mechanic we bought it from has a good reputation and was a mentch to deal with.

2) We found out Thursday night that we are not going to need to move this summer.  There was some worry that the ladlord would need the apartment for his own use.  As he is happy where he is living, he is staying there and thus does not need to live here.  As he is not 100% sure he will be happy there long term or where the markets will go, he is not selling this place in order to buy there so we get to stay here.  Consider us thrilled over not needing to move this summer.

Please God good news, like bad, comes in 3s.  We have already done our 3 bad, please, please, please daven that we gt the ultimate piece of good news this month.

The only slight hitch in the whole thing is that the new medication I am taking warns to definitely, definitely not take it during pregnancy.  I am hoping for good news that will make continuing to need it unnecessary.  Other than that, my shrink is excellent with his knowledge of medications and I am sure he can find a way around the problem.

As always, please keep davening for a full and healthy pregnancy for Rachel Marmel Bat Mindle Hinda Chaya in the extremely near future.  Thanks.

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